"YUKLA", the call sign for all 962nd AACS flights,
is from an Alaskan dialect meaning "EAGLE".

YUKLA27 was the call sign of the U.S. Air Force AWACS plane that crashed September 22, 1995, at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. Twenty-Four men died in that crash. The crash occurred on takeoff and was the result of a collision with geese, the geese being sucked into the engines of the aircraft.
Captain Robert 'Cowboy' Long was one member of the YUKLA27 crew. A Memorial Fund has been established by his parents Michael and Charlotte Long and his only sister Captain Kathleen Long Miller at the University of Colorado, Boulder, his alma mater. The Memorial Fund started with all the checks and monies provided by relatives and friends immediately after the crash.

The Fund establishes a yearly award, without competition, to any YUKLA27 widow who attends the University of Colorado. If a widow is not attending the University, the award procedure establishes a ranking process. Any orphans of the YUKLA27 crash, who may attend the University, receive extra points in the ranking process. The ranking committee consists of two ROTC Cadets and one Military Officer, who is not presently serving active duty at U.S. Air Force ROTC Detachment 105, but retired or serving elsewhere in the Armed Services.

Capt. Long chose the Air Force to serve in, was commissioned by an Army Officer, Lt. Col. Corry Mordeaux (ret), flew off a Navy Carrier on a exchange program, and a Marine was in his honor guard. He respected all branches of the military. The established Memorial Fund is designed to provide an award to the other services' ROTC Cadets when the fund's income exceeds a certain amount.

Two awards have been issued to U.S. Air Force Cadets. Lt. Jason Woodward received the first award in 1997 and Cadet James Mc Alevey received the second award in 1998.
Establishing the YUKLA27 trust as as a charitable trust allows the trust founders to collect monies independently of the Univ. of Colorado Foundation, yet continue to support the Memorial. The two founders of the YUKLA27, a charitable organization via U.S. Revenue Code, are Michael and Charlotte Long, the parents of Capt. Robert Long.
This website is established as both a memorial site and also the location of the YUKLA27, a tax exempt Charitable Organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and Registered with the State of Colorado.  The initial purpose of the YUKLA27 trust is to collect funds which will be directed to the Capt. Robert Long Memorial Fund, which is housed at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. The larger purpose is to establish similar funds for members of the crew with the support and advice of their families and friends.

My wife and I started the process to become a recognized Internal Revenue Tax Exempt Organization to allow us to start a larger Memorial Fund. During the establishment of the Memorial Fund at the University of Colorado, we were asked if we could get the fund established through the 'Combined Federal Campaign'. To do that you had to be a recognized IRS charity, we were not. We are starting the process/procedure now of applying for entry in the Combined Federal Campaign.

Starting and continuing with the Memorial Fund for our only son is our initial task. It is our intent to encourage and support the establishment of similar Memorial Funds at various other institutions of learning. We hope to do this with family members and friends of other members of the crew of YUKLA27. If positive response from family and friends is received, then the modification process entails expanding and changing the initial articles of incorporation and establishing a volunteer Board of Directors, staff, establish written mission goals and plans.

Presently we are working on the following areas; 1) reading IRS materials and regulations pertaining to tax exempt organizations; 2) Reading 'how to' books on establishing, managing and funding such an organization. 3) Starting the process to get established with the Combined Federal Campaign.

So if you are interested or know of somebody who is interested in helping establish, maintaining and funding the YUKLA27 trust, please advise them of this organization and contact us. We recognize that such a tragedy is responsible for a variety of lingering emotions and our intent is not to heighten emotions, but provide for a memorial, over time, for the entire crew.

YUKLA27 is a MARK with serial No. #75/141999, recorded with the Asst. Commissioner for Trademarks, U.S. Dept. of Commerce.

The YUKLA27 trust is a recognized tax exempt organization under section 501(c) (3) as identified in letter of Dec. 1, 1998 from the Internal Revenue Service. Employer Identification Number 31-1601876;DLN:17053166005008

The YUKLA27 trust is a registered as a Colorado NonProfit organization as stated in the Articles of Incorporation filed with the Colorado Secretary of State on 06-19-1998.

Tax exempt contributions via check may be made to:

1171 South Dover Street
Lakewood, Colorado 80232


University of Colorado Foundation
Capt. Robert Long Memorial Fund
P.O. box 1140
Boulder, Colorado 80360


Michael & Charlotte Long
Ph. 303-969-8877
email TheLongsMC@Juno.com

Capt. Kathleen Long Miller serves (presently 1999) with the U.S. Air Force 352 Special Operation Group, in Mildenhall, England.


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